Friday, 28 September 2012

Big Tobacco and E-cigarettes

Are the big tobacco companies going to sit back and watch from the sidelines as electronic cigarettes continue to gain popularity? I don't think so.

This article from the Financial Times shows that the big players are at least plotting an entrance into the market, as many smaller (analogue) cigarette manufacturers have already done.

British American Tobacco, owner of such brands as Dunhill, Lucky Strike, Kent and Pall Mall has formed the start up company Nicoventures, which it says hopes to produce a healthier alternative to cigarettes. According to the FT though this will only be coming along sometime in 2015, too little too late perhaps?

Lorillard, the manufacturer of Newports bought Blu, a manufacturer of e cigs in April of 2012, in what has widely been seen as big tobacco's first foray into the industry. Will this be the start of mass consolidation? I believe it will be interesting to wait and see how long these huge companies can sit on the sidelines as their profits drop from increased regulation and the surge in popularity of e cigarettes? any thoughts? leave a comment below:


Stuck for choice about where to start? read the reviews but still have more questions?

I can't recommend highly enough the e-cigarette-forum (ECF). The people on here are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and most of all available to help answer your questions. There is wisdom in the collective experience of all the other vapors out there!

Its free to join and browse the posts, but to be able to post yourself, just sign up, and post at least 5 posts in the new members forum.

What I like about this site is it has specific sections for the UK, USA and a host of other countries, as well as honest peer reviews of the various products available.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Apollo E-cigs free giveaway

Apollo E-cigs are giving away free disposable cigarettess as a trial. simply visit this link below to claim yours:

1 Million Free Electronic Cigarettes being given away at Apollo Ecigs

With a view to being transparent, I have applied for this free E-cig myself today (27th September 2012) - and you have to pay postage - in uk of around £ 1.50 - and will update this page if and when I receive the free sample. Some offers can be too good to be true, lets cross fingers this isn't one of those!

UPDATE: Here I am, one day later, the 28th of September 2012, and what should arrive in the post today? my free apollo disposable. I must admit I had my doubts but it came Royal Mail signed for. pretty impressive... although I did pay for the postage, this was a bargain at £1.50. The photo's below show the Apollo disposable as it arrived, as well as a side by side size comparison with an e-lite G9. Any questions? just leave a comment.

Electronic Cigarette Reviews

There are so many choices out there for your vape stick/ electronic cigarette, so which brand should you choose? Having scoured the internet myself it seems like there is too much choice, one can be easily overwhelmed and although its easy to look at images of the product, what do they taste like?

The best way to find out - without actually trying them - is to read reviews. But which reviews are to be trusted? I personally prefer reading user reviews - by the people for the people I see it as. However these are often manipulated by the manufacturers to make their product more appealing.

The solution? Unfortunately it takes some work, but the truth is you need to read widely as many reviews as possible until you are comfortable with a certain brand, or even better, act on a friends personal recommendation. For those without a recommendation to hand, I have listed a few review sites below:

E cig click - UK electronic cigarette reviews, has user and editor reviews. be wary as there is often a discrepancy between the users and editors findings, perhaps in relation to how much commission they can get promoting the product!

Steves Vaping World - US based site, but at least has a reputation for independence.

E-cig-reviews - Contains UK and US based reviews, most importantly though has video reviews and a plethora of info on vape sticks / e cigarettes.

E Cigarette Forum - Not a review site per se, but has plenty of comments and a good Question and Answer forum to help guide you.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

E-lites featured on ITV's Daybreak show

See the positive comments about E-lites as featured on ITV's Daybreak show:

VIP Electronic cigarette discount codes

VIP Electronic cigarettes have released heir discount codes for September 2012, hurry up and grab yourself a saving in the last few days of the month.

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E-lites Free Delivery!

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More E-Cigarette Cashback Deals!

Following on from our successful recommendation of Quidco. I am happy to tell you about another great UK cash-back site that offers you a chance to earn cash-back when buying your electronic cigarettes online. this could potentially save you hundreds of ££'s per year!

Just click here, or the banner below:

Online Cashback

Cashback on your E Cig Purchases!

One of the best ways to save money online is from receiving cash-back on purchases.

The good news is that this is available for the purchase of many brands of electronic cigarettes too, including, E-lites, ROK, iCig, Freedom Cigarettes, Electralites, Ecigwizard and many more.

Many of these retailers offer cash back in the region of 10-20 % which if you are spending a few hundred pounds a year soon adds up to a lot of money.

To signup with Quidco and start receiving your cash-back simply click here.

Dangers of chewing tobacco

The dangers of chewing tobacco have been highlighted by this article from BBC News.

Apparently there is a false sense of safety from chewing tobacco as users feel it is 'smokeless' so must also be 'harmless'. They found this not to be the case and an english advisory body is advising against its usage, especially in South Asia.

Read the full story here.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Saving Calculators

So you're trying to give up, and have heard that e-cigarettes can save you money, but how much exactly?

These savings calculators will help you calculate the financial benefit of making the switch to e-cigarettes:

TECC - The electronic Cigarette company, stockists of JoyEtech ecigs have this useful tool.

Shop E Cigarette - stockists of ECHO e-cigs.

V2 Cigs - an American retailer with figures in US Dollars.

ECD - Useful tool includes a nicotine calculator.

Ecigarettes 365 - Great site, the calculator is in USD - unfortunately for the english - but gives a great explanation of various types of ecigs on the market.

Apollo Ecigs - Plugs their product with a basic calculator.

Green Smoke - Well branded, available in UK, South Africa and USA. Basic savings calculator.

SouthBeach Smoke - US based brand.

First Vapor - another US brand, nothing particularly original here.

The Facts

The Facts:

Lots of you have questions regarding how healthy electronic cigarettes are for you and whether they are legal. This post will help you answer some of those queries by pointing you in the right direction.

Wikipedia - A good place to start learning about e-cigarettes. Includes information about various health studies conducted.

US Food and Drug Administration - find out what regulations may affect the e-cigarettes industry - mainly relevant to the USA.


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