Thursday, 27 September 2012

Electronic Cigarette Reviews

There are so many choices out there for your vape stick/ electronic cigarette, so which brand should you choose? Having scoured the internet myself it seems like there is too much choice, one can be easily overwhelmed and although its easy to look at images of the product, what do they taste like?

The best way to find out - without actually trying them - is to read reviews. But which reviews are to be trusted? I personally prefer reading user reviews - by the people for the people I see it as. However these are often manipulated by the manufacturers to make their product more appealing.

The solution? Unfortunately it takes some work, but the truth is you need to read widely as many reviews as possible until you are comfortable with a certain brand, or even better, act on a friends personal recommendation. For those without a recommendation to hand, I have listed a few review sites below:

E cig click - UK electronic cigarette reviews, has user and editor reviews. be wary as there is often a discrepancy between the users and editors findings, perhaps in relation to how much commission they can get promoting the product!

Steves Vaping World - US based site, but at least has a reputation for independence.

E-cig-reviews - Contains UK and US based reviews, most importantly though has video reviews and a plethora of info on vape sticks / e cigarettes.

E Cigarette Forum - Not a review site per se, but has plenty of comments and a good Question and Answer forum to help guide you.

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