Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Saving Calculators

So you're trying to give up, and have heard that e-cigarettes can save you money, but how much exactly?

These savings calculators will help you calculate the financial benefit of making the switch to e-cigarettes:

TECC - The electronic Cigarette company, stockists of JoyEtech ecigs have this useful tool.

Shop E Cigarette - stockists of ECHO e-cigs.

V2 Cigs - an American retailer with figures in US Dollars.

ECD - Useful tool includes a nicotine calculator.

Ecigarettes 365 - Great site, the calculator is in USD - unfortunately for the english - but gives a great explanation of various types of ecigs on the market.

Apollo Ecigs - Plugs their product with a basic calculator.

Green Smoke - Well branded, available in UK, South Africa and USA. Basic savings calculator.

SouthBeach Smoke - US based brand.

First Vapor - another US brand, nothing particularly original here.

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